Hello world, Now……Katy Perry!

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Uncategorized


Let me start by saying, I love drawing and peoples faces to me are the funnest, most interesting things on the face of the PLANET.  I am the kind of guy that when I look people I rate them on a scale of (1) not that interesting to draw and (10) Man, I have to draw that person look at that…..(nose, eyes, hair etc…).  People in general are very interesting and a lot of times the personality behind the face makes them even more interesting.  This Blog is going to be my thoughts in concert with an Illustration of the most interesting, goofiest, weirdest, prettiest, most entertaining, most athletic people on the planet.  Also If you think you belong in that category send me your photo to faceheadstudios@gmail.com and you could be chosen for a free Caricture/Illustration that I will be doing each week.  Now the first picture I chose to do was……..Katy Perry.

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